Plate Heat Exchangers

A plate heat exchanger uses metal plates to transfer heat between two fluids. This has a major advantage over a conventional heat exchanger in that the fluids are exposed to a much larger surface area because the fluids spread out over the plates. This facilitates the transfer of heat, and greatly increases the speed of the temperature change.

Genesis Engineering in association with Schmidt Bretten offers a wide range of Plate Heat Exchanger Design and - Thermal Solutions covering almost all industrial segments. Schmidt Bretten based in Bretten - Germany is one of the leading manufacturers of High Quality Plate Heat Exchangers worldwide with over 130 years of experience in thermal process engineering

    Available types are:

  • SIGMA - Suitable for cooling, heating, condensing, vaporizing & pasteurizing of pumpable fluids.
  • SIGMA TWIN - Suitable for maximized prevention of product mixture.
  • SIGMA DUAL - Suitable for critical fluids.
  • SIGMA WIG - Suitable for low & high temperature, high pressure.
  • SIGMA THERM - Suitable for short time heating/pasteurizers.
  • SIGMA TEC - Suitable for Dealcoholization Systems
  • SIGMA STAR - Suitable for Evaporator Systems.

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