Automatic Tube Cleaning System

Automatic Tube Cleaning System


  • Results in up to 20% energy saving in HVAC chillers

  • Results in up to 5% power output increase in Power plants

  • Increases cooling capacity of HVAC Chillers

  • Improves Condenser tube life

  • Improves Compressor Life

  • Avoids costly shutdown and downtime

  • Eliminates offline cleaning completely

  • Offers very attractive ROI, usually less than 1 Year


  • Zero ball loss system, no balls can escape to cooling tower

  • Ensures 100% clean tubes

  • Single System for Multiple Chillers even if the Chiller capacity is different

  • Gives an alarm for Sponge Ball Replacement

  • Automatically operates on a running chiller

  • No water wastage from the system

  • No mixing of CW inlet & outlet water during operation

  • Negligible power consumption by the booster pumps

  • Compact, smaller footprints

  • Simultaneous injection cycle in one chiller and collection in another chiller is possible

  • Low maintenance