Genesis Engineering in Technical Collaboration with Industrial Boilers Ltd. (IBL) partners with you in providing the best solutions for your Energy & Pollution control needs. IBL is a research-driven organization specialized in manufacturing Boilers, Turbines, Thermic Heaters & Pollution control equipment.

Process Boilers - Low Pressure Boilers for Heating Applications

Agropack - Revolutionary FBC boiler introduced in 1992

Agropack - H is the Most Successful Small Boiler & Performs extremely well with high volatile fuels like Rice Husk & Saw Dust.

Agropack - C is a Versatile Combination Boiler that Performs extremely well with oversized fuels like Wood, high moisture fuels like Bagasse, Pith & Waste like Rubber - Plastics. We also have a provision for selecting Fuel feeding Systems.

Agropack - Quantum is the Latest & Most Advance version in Agropack Boilers & is equipped with unique RECO technology which delivers high fuel savings, fast steam generation, lower power consumption & lower erection cost.

Power Boilers - High Pressure Boilers designed to operate Steam Turbines

Huskogen is designed especially for Micro Cogen. It’s a Packaged High Pressure variant of Agropack - H with an inbuilt Superheater.

Agropack - TD is a Semi Package Power Boiler with extra thermal storage & it provides consistent Turbine Quality steam in spite of Fluctuating load conditions or variation of fuel quantity.

Magnum is a Fast steaming & Low Foot Print Boiler. Magnum is a Corner Tube, Fully Water Walled and Single Drum Boiler. The extraordinary feature of Magnum is its Cage - like design. This design ensures Mechanical Stability, free thermal expandability, defined water circulation, Flue Gas Path & Earthquake proofing.