Genesis Engineering in Technical Collaboration with IB Turbo Pvt. Ltd. delivers a wide range of turbines for Power generation needs as listed below:

BMT-6 Multistage Backpressure Steam Turbine
BMT-6 is a workhorse multistage turbine developing exceptional performance at high efficiency & a trouble free
operation. It operates with a world class Woodward Electronic Governing system & PLC Control Panel. These
turbines are available in single stage/multi-stage options and can be used for drive applications/power genera-
tion applications. Being of straight-back pressure type, these turbines find suitability in areas where back
pressure steam is fully utilized for meeting involved process demands with power generation incidental to
process steam demand.

BCT-6 Extraction & Condensing Steam Turbine
BCT-6 is a sturdy turbine designed for captive power generation. It has provisions for extracting steam for deaer-
ator or process steam at low pressure. These turbines makes use of high pressure steam which is expanded in
upto 9 Stages for High efficiency. On top of that, these turbines are equipped with a Woodward Governor for
accurate control.

BT-4 / BT-6 Single Stage Steam Turbine
Single Stage turbines are developed for Small Steam users. These turbines can be used economically to gener-
ate smaller power capacities of generally up to 2MW. These turbines are equipped with advanced PLC based
standalone control panels. These class of turbines are economic and user friendly.

PRT-4/8 Pressure Reducing Turbine
PRT’s are developed to utilize the unused energy while steam is passed through a Pressure Reducing Station.
These turbines are developed for lower cost and have helped a large number of users to take advantage of
co-generation with minimum investment.