Genesis Engineering in Technical Collaboration with IB Turbo Pvt. Ltd. delivers a wide range of turbines for Power generation needs as listed below:

BMT-6 Multistage Backpressure Steam Turbine
BMT-6 is a workhorse multistage turbine developing exceptional performance at high efficiency & a trouble-free
operation. It operates with a world-class Woodward Electronic Governing system & PLC Control Panel. These
turbines are available in single-stage/multi-stage options and can be used for drive applications/power generation applications. Being of straight-back pressure type, these turbines find suitability in areas where backpressure steam is fully utilized for meeting involved process demands with power generation incidental to
process steam demand.

BCT-6 Extraction & Condensing Steam Turbine
BCT-6 is a sturdy turbine designed for captive power generation. It has provisions for extracting steam for deaerator or process steam at low pressure. These turbines make use of high-pressure steam which is expanded up to 9 Stages for High efficiency. On top of that, these turbines are equipped with a Woodward Governor for
accurate control.

BT-4 / BT-6 Single Stage Steam Turbine
Single Stage turbines are developed for Small Steam users. These turbines can be used economically to generate smaller power capacities of generally up to 2MW. These turbines are equipped with advanced PLC-based
standalone control panels. This class of turbines is economic and user-friendly.

PRT-4/8 Pressure Reducing Turbine
PRT’s are developed to utilize the unused energy while steam is passed through a Pressure Reducing Station.
These turbines are developed for lower cost and have helped a large number of users to take advantage of
co-generation with minimum investment.