Electrolytic Cooling Tower Water Treatment Systems

Electrolytic Cooling Tower Water Treatment Systems

With the increasing government programs and initiatives for saving power and water, Genesis Engineering and Thermal Solutions has tied up with ECOMAX Inc, a USA based company having design and manufacturing footprint in India.

The ECOMAX CTTM is an ecofriendly water saving technology which rids the cooling towers of harmful chemicals and hard water scaling. It works on Cooling tower water by automatically de-scaling and dis-infecting it by a simple process of Elecrtrolysis. With minimal power consumption and no plant shutdown, it operates on the side of a cooling tower.

ECOMAX HE is another innovative solution using sponge ball technology to offer direct energy saving by keeping cooling water & chilled water condensers clean. This automatic tube cleaning system improves chiller and cooling water system efficiency by continuously removing scales in Heat exchangers thereby making chillers and heat exchangers operate at optimum power consumption.


  • Zero Chemicals

  • Reduces blow down water usage up to 80%

  • Reduces corrosion in condenser pipes

  • Extends life of the Cooling Tower

  • Blow down water can be used for gardening

  • Results into Energy Saving in case of ZLD plants


  • Scale is removed from CW water and deposite in the electro-chemical reactor

  • Fully automatic system including reator cleaning

  • Suitable filter with auto back-wash (optional)

  • No plant shutdown for system installation

  • User Friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI)

  • Compactness ensures smaller foor print

  • Almost negligible maintenance

  • Green technology